Craft-Pak™ 6-Pack (BLACK) (684 units)
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Craft-Pak™ 6-Pack (BLACK) (684 units)

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Craft-Pak™ (6 Pack) can carriers provide a better way to package premium craft brews -offering a streamlined, more consumer-friendly design.  
  • Unique tabbed design allows consumers to easily remove beverage from carrier with one hand
  • Uses 30% less plastic than other can handles without compromised holding strength
  • 100% recyclable #2 HDPE
  • Open design does not trap moisture and stacks easily
  • Easy to apply manually or using automated applicator equipment (link to equipment page)
  • Available color-matched to any PMS color to enhance brand packaging
  • 6 Pack Arrangement
  • Product contains 684 6-Pack Units

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